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Kuruba is a caste among Hindus. The word Kuruba means "Warrior", the word "Kuru" means "do or seek" in Sanskrit, and "Kuruhu" means "trust" in Kannada. Kuruba Sangha is one of the oldest community in India. The tradition of 'gotras' was started by Kuruba as a means of identifying people of same familial lineage.

Kuruba is one of the oldest caste in India. During the Ramayana and Mahabharata era too there is a mention about Kurubas . Chandra Gupta Maurya who built the Maurya dynasty, which is known to be the first dynasty in Indian history, is also a Kuruba. Hakka-Bukka, founders of Vijayanagara dynasty, is also from the Kurubas . The era ruled by the Vijayanagara dynasty has been termed as the Golden Era of Karnataka history.

The Kurubas prominence declined after the rule of Vijayanagara dynasty when new developments took place both politically and economically. .Therefore due to all the above reasons the Kurubas had to flee the land in which they where born, though the Kurubas had to leave their mother land and seek shelter in various parts of India, they up kept their traditional, religious and professional ethics and values during the past centuries. During this transition, the Kurubas adapted and learnt the tradition and culture of the land to which they had migrated.

Festivals Celeberated by Kurubas

Mailara Jaatre
Dodda Dyavara Jatre
Tenginakai Pavada
Kanakadasa Jayanthi
Beeredevara Jatre
Mahadeshwara Jatre
Yellamma Jatre
Hallumari Jatre